Carol Brighton


2021 Walks Along the River prints and handmade paper, SHOH Gallery solo show
2019 Take A Step handmade paper and prints Ren Brown Collection Bodega Bay CA
2018 Don’t Turn Away the "Refugee" series oil pastel drawings UC Berkeley Faculty Club
2014 Indigo Nights and Paper Moons handmade paper UC Berkeley Faculty Club
2013 Monotypes UC Berkeley Faculty Club
2010 Contemplation and Gradual Development
        handmade paper from the I Ching series Kensington Library
2009 Notes from a Mountain Journey monoprints and handmade paper
         Ren Brown Collection Bodega Bay
2007 Under One Roof monoprints and handmade paper
        Castro Street Gallery Fund Raiser for Aids research, San Francisco
2004-2008 Yangtze River in the Dragon's Teeth Mayor's office, Berkeley
2000 Yangtze River in the Dragon's Teeth handmade paper with intaglio
        Addison Street Windows Gallery, Berkeley
1995 Prints on Handmade paper Del Mesa Gallery Carmel CA
1990 Monoprints Gallery Amex Corporate office San Rafael CA
1990 Monoprints Manuelita's Galleria San Francisco CA
1985 An American in Taiwan prints and handmade paper the Cultural Center Gallery
       American Institute in Taiwan, previewed at Retina Gallery Oakland CA


2023 Notes on a Chinese River handmade paper poured pulp painting with monotype,
        juried show “California Printmakers...Tradition and Innovation”, Artsbenicia
2021 Walks With My Sister #9 Monotype in "Black White and Grey"
         Sebastopol Center for the Arts juried national group show
2020 Moon Window handmade paper in "Materiality: Hand Papermaking in the Age of
        Isolation" Juried national North American Handpapermakers online
2019 Juanita’s Bardo in "Double Yellow" Orangeland Gallery San Francisco CA
2017 Mountain Path paper pulp painting in "Paper as Voice"
        Gallery1337 San Rafael CA
2016 The Oldest Street in China in "Shades of Black and White" prints
        Mythos Fine Arts Gallery, Berkeley
2014 Medicine for Memories print on handmade paper in "Al Mutanabi Street Starts Here"
        San Francisco Center for the Book
2011 Two Artists, Two Traditions handmade paper
        Firehouse North Gallery Berkeley CA
2010 Whirlpools and Waves monoprint West Coast Prints Juried exhibition
        Pacific Art League Palo Alto CA
2007 Figure Drawing on paper "The Naked Pencil: Ten Artists Draw the Figure"
        Collectors Gallery, Oakland Museum
2007 Monoprints "Through Women's Eyes" Joseph Prescott Center Oakland
2006 I Ching: Contemplation and Gradual Progress handmade paperworks
        "Nature for Instance" Addison Street Windows Gallery Berkeley
2005 Prints and works on Paper "Three Women Artists" Gaia Arts Gallery Berkeley
2004 Chinese Doorway monotype Berkeley Art Center Members Show
        Selected for Honorable Mention
2004 Monotypes "You be the Judge" Oakland Courthouse
2004 UC Berkeley Alumni Show
2003-2004 Berkeley City Council Chambers
2000 Prayer Flags handmade papers with print in "Tibet Beyond the Land of Snows"
        Smithsonian Arts and Industries Museum Washington DC Two artists
1999 Birds handmade papers with print ACCI Gallery Berkeley CA
1997 Prints North American Printmakers 2 works juried show Richmond Art Center
1997 Handmade paper and prints 15 works
        The Carl Cherry Center for the Arts Carmel CA
1996 Prints and Paper Bade Museum Berkeley CA
1993 Prints Manhatten Graphic Center, NYC exchange show with Kala Institute
1991 "Possibilities of Paper" Syntex Gallery Palo Alto CA
1991 "You Qing Friends in Paper" Kimura Gallery Palo Alto CA
1991 Handmade paper with intaglio and collage
        "Bridging the Pacific: Toko Shinoda and Carol Brighton"
        The Ren Brown Collection, Bodega Bay, CA
1990 Paper and Prints Ford Aerospace Galleries San Jose CA
1989 Small etchings "The Irish Miniprint Exhibition"
        Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin Ireland


2022 Handmade Path Cave Paper Editions and Jingren Paperlogue
        An international survey of hand papermakers with photographs and artists' personal
2022 The Electricity of Now handmade poetry book in "Pulp: Book & Paper Arts"
        Sebastopol Center for the Arts juried national show
2012 now Tibet Photographs and writings website
2000 Women, Art and the Buddhist Spirit by Prof. Anne Norton of Providence College
        A discussion of spiritual influence including Brighton’s work in a larger
        volume entitled Women’s Buddhism, Wisdom Publications

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